What is the right time to practice yoga?

In addition to this, have you ever wondered why yoga programs are usually shown in the morning slots on TV? Certainly there should be a reason for this, and there is. Let's find it below.

In Yoga science the day is divided into four parts. They are Brahma Muhurta, Sunrise, Afternoon and Sunset.

If you want yoga to elevate your spiritual level in the form of meditation, then Brahma Muhurt is the right time for practice. But, if you are only seeing good for good, then it will be time for sunrise or sunset time.

Noon is recommended because it is time for food and your body requires at least 4 to 6 hours intervals after eating to practice yoga so that the food is digested and energy Be spent. Besides, due to heat, you may get more sweating during the afternoon, which can dehydrate your body.

Therefore, ideally, it will be the best time to practice Brahma Muhurt Yoga, but it is better to choose a time which is convenient for you rather than being harsh. It is more important to try different techniques to buy the best from each Yoga session and to increase your experience.

Practice of the rugs can be either empty stomach in the morning or evening, but be careful that they do not practice the challenging asanas that you just activate before sleeping. To make your body loose and energetic, practicing all the rugs in the morning can be ideal.

Pranayama, like asana, can be practiced in the morning or evening, but it is best not to practice pranayama within two to four hours after the meal. Pranayam is a great way to stimulate the body through breathing.

You can practice meditation at any time of the day, ideally when you are not sleeping, drinking alcohol, or feeling hyper. An awakened and calm state of mind is an excellent opportunity to meditate. Also, wait two hours after eating them to avoid drying.

Yoga can be practiced at any time of the day, even after the meal even after you are sleeping, unless you are on it.

The best time to practice sunrise yoga is time. Brahma Muhurta, which is 3:40 in the morning, is not a practical alternative for many of us. Therefore, according to experts, the timing of the sunrise is ideal and practical.

In the same way that you start your day with coffee or tea, start it with yoga, make it practice of regular morning. Breathing in the fresh air of the morning is ideal and helps you prepare for the challenges of the coming days. The best thing about morning routine is that you get an energy boost, which can drink wild coffee or tea.

While pauses energize you and make you flexible for the day, yogic breathing makes your brain stimulated, clean and energetic. It also keeps you fresh and fresh. Yoga exercises will keep you balanced at the time of the morning and will help you manage traffic jams, busy schedules and peacefully manage the household chores.

Once you wake up, it is best to empty your bowel, brush your teeth and start practicing. In this way, you feel very tired to reduce practice or to do it later in the day

Morning occurs when your muscles and additions are stiff. The yoga stretches and adds flexibility to it, thus you sit easily on your toes throughout the day.

Yoga practice in the morning is a great way to refresh your mind and soul and prepare to face the challenges of the day. This will ultimately wake you up and embrace the vibrancy of the day.

In addition, in the morning sweat production decreases, prevents dehydration.

With the many benefits associated with it, it is no wonder that many traditions hold the morning to be sacred.

As we discussed, the morning is the best. Time of sunrise is particularly recommended. Between 5 to 7 a.m. is the best time. This happens when you feel active, and the air is fresh.

Choose a place that is clean and calm. It can be in your home or outside, like in a park, or even at a yoga location. Make sure you are comfortable in space and can focus entirely on your practice.

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