Top 39 Vitamin C Foods You Should Include in Your Diet

Unfortunately, the human body can not synthesize Vitamin C, which is why it is an essential nutrient (4). So, to give your body the daily essential dose of vitamins, you should consume high vitamin C foods, which is 75 mg for women and 90 mg per day (5) for men. The best part is that you have to rely on citrus fruits to get the daily dose of Vitamin C, there are other foods that are equally rich in this vitamin. Read on to know what foods with vitamin C are.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, a small carbohydrate molecule, which was first recognized by Albert von Zengyogi in 1920. They found that it was able to cure Scurvy, due to non-consumption of fruits due to long-term conditions causing a life-threatening effect. and vegetables. The name of the molecule to treat this scurvy was Vitamin C, and C means ascorbic acid "ascorbic" means anti-scurvy. Vitamin C is naturally found in various food items and is an essential nutrient for both animals and plants (6). However, it can not be synthesized by humans, primates, guinea pigs, birds, fish and some bats. The reason for this is that one of the enzymes (I-gluconollectone oxidase) coding required for Vitamin C synthesis develops in a nonfunctional gene. In addition, humans need to depend on fruits and vegetables for vitamin C and save themselves from various diseases.

Scurvy is no longer in vogue. So, why is vitamin C essential? Well, here's your answer.

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an electron donor. After donating an electron to a recipient molecule, it becomes an ascorbate, which is an essential cofactor for various enzymatic reactions in the body (7). When there is a lack of vitamin C, the deficiency of cooperator prevents reactions, which ultimately leads to weak immunity, weak bones, infections, skin problems, healing wounds, joint pain, depression, fatigue, swelling, bleeding Affects the gums. Scurvy, and anemia (8). So, it is clear that vitamin C is important for maintaining healthy body and strong immunity.

Here are 39 vitamin C-rich foods you should include in your diet.

Check out some of the best foods with high vitamin C here. Here we list what are the best vitamin C fruits and vegetables.

Rose hip or rose grass is a helpful fruit of the rose plant which is used mostly for preparing jam, jelly, syrup, herbal teas, wines, marmalade, and rose hip soup. This is one of the top food items rich in vitamin C. - 100 gram rose hips have 426 mg vitamin C (9) in the service.

You can take hip tea or rose hip soup or make rose hip jam, jelly or rose hip crackers. Or you can add them to your ice cream or cake.

Wonder! Green chilli is considered to be one of the best vitamin C food sources compared to lemon, orange and lemon. Only 100 grams of green chillies contain 242 mg of Vitamin C, and 1 green chilli contains 109 mg of vitamin C (10). This is good news for people who like to eat it.

You can add a little chopped green chilli in your salad so that it gives you hiccups. Add green chillies to curry or stew. You can also make pickles and take it as a spice. Remember, if you can not bear the heat of green chillies or IBS / IBD, suffering from stomach ulcers, or recently had intestinal surgeries, please avoid eating anything spicy, and also add green chillies Is included.

Ripe and fragrant guava is one of the richest sources of vitamin C in the fruit category; 100 grams of fruit contains 228.3 mg vitamin c or 1 guava in which approximately 126 mg of vitamin C (11) occurs. Therefore, if you consume a guava today, you do not have to worry about the intake of your vitamin C for the next day. Here are various ways you can add it to your daily diet.

In addition to consuming guava, you can mix pieces of cooked guava in a salad made with cucumber, beet, carrot and apple. You can drink fresh juice of guava juice with lime juice and a pinch of pink Himalayan salts. You can also spread a teaspoon guava jelly on your toast.

Yellow bell peppers are considered to be one of the high vegetables in vitamin C

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