Dose of 8 challenging yoga will help you detoxify your brain and body.

There are three primary systems in our body which are important for eliminating waste. They are the communication system, the lymphatic system and the digestive system. The circulatory system is responsible for pumping and filtering the blood throughout the body, and in doing so, it distributes oxygen to the organs and collects waste from the cells. The digestive tract and the liver portal system are known to process the food we eat, and when they do so, they separate waste from those nutrients which are transmitted through blood and liver There is no need to get the body straight. The lymphatic system collects intracellular fluid from the body and transmits to the lymph nodes, removing the lymph fluid before it is returned to the blood, anything that is harmful.

The systems are definitely strong and do miracles on their own. But to help keep body with demands, and to help support health in stressful lifestyles, our natural detox systems require a helper. Yoga is the ideal partner.

Most active forms of exercise stimulate all three elimination systems, which help your body detoxify and clean itself. But yoga is systematically focused on pulling and compressing every part of the body, and therefore, is more suitable. This helps to remove better wastes.

When a yoga routine is done well, then each part of the body is pulled, pushed and bent, and it causes carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymph fluid out of deep inside Is removed, where other types of workouts fail to reach.

Yogic inhalation also plays an important role in stimulating detoxification. Due to poor sitting postures and excessive stress, our lungs do not work with their full potential. This means that we fail to take as much oxygen as we should ideally remove carbon dioxide or reduce it as much as possible.

The breathing we breathe in with Yoga exercises helps in the removal of carbon dioxide and stimulates the organs, especially those involved in digestion. With time and practice, breathing will also help the diaphragm run independently.

Yoga not only facilitates physical detox, but it is also helpful in mental detox. We all are victims of fear, stress and depression. The practice of yoga purifies those toxic ideas. Your mind is taught to guide awareness away from chaos. You are trained to be in the present time.

With regular yoga practice, you will be able to eliminate both the tangible and intangible toxins which prevent you from feeling and having it at your best form.

Garudasan or Eagle Pose is an incredibly powerful posture. It gives a good stretch to calves, ankles, knees, hips, thighs, upper back and shoulders. When you press your thighs firmly, the blood circulation increases, and it helps to remove the toxic substances in the lymph and blood.

Adho Mukha Svanasana or Downward Dog Stretch is a seat where your heart is kept high above your head. Gravity is a reverse bridge that occurs when you do this, and it is helpful in proper circulation of lymph and blood. The stomach is also tanned and stimulated, and therefore, digestion improves.

Twist is a wonderful detox agent, and Semi Matsyendrasan is an ideal turning point. It stimulates digestion and helps in removing impurities from the body. Kidneys, liver and stomach are squeezed and stimulated. As you release the turn, the blood enters these organs.

This seat is also called legs up on the wall. It enhances circulation of the lymph and blood in the legs and feet. There is also a fresh supply of blood to the stomach, which improves digestion. The nervous system also relaxes, so stress reduces and mental detoxes are induced.

This posture is a challenge, and if you manage to go to this seat, then your reproductive organs and sexual activity increase and this is your digestive function. This asana helps with a physiological as well as mental detox.

This posture is an inverse, where the shoulder carries the weight of the body. It helps to extract the accumulation of lymphatic fluid in upper body and legs. It is an amazing posture to practice at the end of a yoga session so that all the toxic posts to be issued

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